Stana Katic at the H&M Loves Music Coachella 2013 Kick Off Event


“An entire galaxy could live off her smile” (x)

I’ll see Stana running up and down the lot with some kid and I’ll say, ‘Who is that?’ just assuming it’s one of her relatives. And she’ll say, ‘Oh, this? This is so-and-so’s daughter.’ All the producers bring their kids to the set and they’re all in love with this girl. They’re all, ‘Staaana!’
Tamala Jones on Stana’s motherly side (x)


Stana Katic’s Interview with On The Red Carpet from yesterday’s USC Event.—-Video/8874565

That I could throw down? That I could solve a case? Trust me, I have serious detecting skills! Sure, I could definitely hang with the NYPD. Are you kidding me?! Charm and sass…they’d love it!
Stana on being able to ‘hang’ with the NYPD (x)


Stana Katic
∟14 - 17/100

@stana_katic OH! You made quite an impression on Indigo. She keeps talking about you and your “pretty hair”! - PJ

Terri Edda Miller on what Stana Katic brings to the role of Beckett that no one else could have: “Her physicality. Her eyerolls, her looks to Castle, the way she moves - nobody else moves like she does or reacts like she does. I think that she’s unique that way.”