you have to admit, if anyone was going to fall at the oscars, it was going to be jennifer lawrence

”In accordance with tradition I declare the Games of the 30th Olympiad closed. I call on the youth of the world to assemble four years from now in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the Games of the 31st Olympiad. Thank you London.”

what i’ve learned about game of thrones via tumblr:
  • there is a guy named jon snow everyone likes
  • he may or may not be gay with another dude
  • if not, there are two other gay dudes
  • there’s a hot blonde chick named dany who likes dragons
  • she also ate a heart
  • the children are badass
  • except one named geoffery who is apparently a little bitch
  • and no one likes him
  • sex sex sex
  • cool clothes
  • winter is coming

2&3/100Satan Katic

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To my non-Chuck followers:


Tonight at 8 is the two hour series finale to Chuck.

I will not be held responsible for the fangirling, sobbing, and basic overflow of emotions that is sure to take place.

Thank you for you patience. 


zac deserves an award just for making that flash face for so many years.


Every time I’m out somewhere and I hear a song from Chuck playing I’m like that because I know what episode it’s from, what season & the name of the episode :).